15 de junio de 2024

Top Esports would acquire OMG Shanji and Creme for their solo lanes.

The TES team would undergo partial reformation with the additions of Shanji and Creme, the toplaner and midlaner from OMG.

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The transfer period begins in 3 days, and rumors are swirling strongly in China, but some carry more weight than others.

It was obvious that Top Esports would make significant changes to their sports project given the results of the last seasons, and doubts are becoming clearer each time.

The new additions to the roster would be OMG Shanji and Creme. Apparently, OMG was looking to sell its contracted players (Shanji and ppgod) and explore options for those becoming Free Agents this month (Aki, Creme, and Able), thus paving the way for a new roster, probably consisting of rookie players to develop.

The playing style of these two profiles fits very well with TES’s long-term project. In addition to Shanji and Creme, the coaching staff of Top Esports would also have dissolved, and in their place, Despa1r (Head Coach) and River (Coach) from OMG would join.

One of the options for TES’s toplane seemed to be RNG Breathe, but the offer to acquire him was too high.

Doubts now arise regarding those released by the organization, from whom we will soon have more concrete news.

Sources: Hanyi