15 de junio de 2024

Coach KenZhu from EDG had been secretly fired since the middle of the season

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The coach of EDward Gaming had been dismissed before the Asian Games, and the organization kept it a secret to maintain KenZhu’s reputation and prevent his performance from worsening during the tournament.

Midway through the season, KenZhu was informed by EDG that he would not continue in his position, but the information was not disclosed as he was the Head Coach of Team China. His dismissal was something that was already known halfway through the season. Nevertheless, everything indicates that the coach may have already secured a new position in another club, which is still unknown.

EDward Gaming’s sports project will undergo a radical change in its strategy, and according to sources close to the management, one of the main goals of the club would be to bring back Viper, the adcarry with whom they won the 2021 Worlds. If this move could happen, the organization would significantly increase its investment with the intention of optimizing the roster’s competitiveness. However, if it doesn’t happen, the project would be completely reevaluated.

The options regarding EDG’s 2024 roster are still unclear. It seems likely that they will aim for a lineup with two adcarries, possibly bringing back Leave, who is currently in the academy roster, to the main team. The chances of Uzi continuing to compete are low, although his stay in the competition depends solely on him. The midlane signing is not clear either; this will also depend on Viper joining the roster.

Sources: EDG Lao Yue