15 de junio de 2024

WarHorse will be the new JDG Head Coach

JD Gaming has already found a replacement for Mafa, and it is WarHorse, the new Head Coach coming from Team WE.

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Sources close to the ChinaGAP editorial team have confirmed the information about Chen «WarHorse» Ju-Chih joining the Beijing-based team, JD Gaming, as Head Coach.

The Taiwanese coach came from a somewhat abrupt Spring Split with Team WE, where they achieved an 8th place, and he left the team yesterday.

Source: Leaguepedia

JD Gaming announced the inactivity of Mafa, the Korean coach with whom they started the season, on March 23rd, and he was replaced by Lyn, the analyst who took on the role of interim Head Coach.

Official JDG’s announcement

After finishing third in the Spring Playoffs and missing out on the Mid Season Invitational 2024, JDG found Mafa’s replacement in WarHorse, the 2019 World Champion with FunPlus Phoenix and one of the league’s most prestigious coaches. WarHorse has previously been with teams like Flash Wolves and Top Esports, and his strength in defining stylistic traits in rosters has been one of his most attractive features.

The official announcement will be made, according to sources, in the next few hours.