15 de junio de 2024

Ming freezes support’s market: TES, LNG, and RNG involved

The decision of Shi «Ming» Sen-Ming regarding his new team has caused a freeze in the market for the best supports in the league.

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The first movement heard in this preseason was Ming’s move to Top Esports. According to sources, there was a high probability of him joining TES (80-90%) and returning to competitive play after a summer break.

However, things have changed a lot since then. As I explained in a tweet, the budget for LPL 2024 would have been significantly reduced, and teams are struggling to make the signings they would initially consider, even with the economic capacity to acquire them. This is the case with Shi «Ming» Sen-Ming, whose brand has a very high value, and teams with other Tier S players are having difficulties incorporating him into their lineups despite their intentions.

The three major organizations that have shown notable interest in Ming are Top Esports, Li-Ning Gaming, and Royal Never Give Up. The first seemed to be the frontrunner just a few weeks ago, but once again, the Chinese transfer market obstructs a path that seemed too good to be true: with the unexpected arrival of 369 to TES, the team’s salary cap could have been reached.

Now, LNG and RNG are involved: Hang (LNG support) and Mark (TES support, rumored to have a non-binding agreement with RNG) are the other two players affected by Ming’s decision regarding his future. Due to the limited movement space for the organizations, Ming himself will have to choose his next path and that of his teammates.

If Ming decides to go to TES, then LNG will have to choose between Hang and Mark. In this case, it would be normal for them to stick with Hang, who is better regarded in the market and already has developed synergy with the rest of the team. There wouldn’t be strong reasons to change him when the Li-Ning roster would remain intact, except for Tarzan, who might be benched for WBG Weiwei to take his starting position.

If Ming decides on LNG, the team would attempt to sell Hang, and TES and RNG would compete for him. Hang’s market price should have increased considerably after 2023, making his acquisition by Royal likely unfeasible. On the other hand, Mark seems to be the least valued of the three players, and TES would not be considering his automatic renewal.

If Ming decides on RNG, it would be normal for the rest of the market not to be affected. Although, in competitive terms, this seems like the worst option, it shouldn’t surprise us if it happens. Ming has an extremely close relationship with Royal (having spent his entire sporting career there since joining LPL), and the atmosphere among the players and staff seems optimal, despite the economic-contractual controversies that have always involved RNG. If Ming wanted to return to RNG or even end his career as a «one-club man», he might make an effort to make the signing possible. It could be a case similar to Breathe in budgetary terms (no team should afford his signing, and he ends up renewing with RNG).

In any case, we’ve been waiting for the player’s response for a few days, and it shouldn’t be much longer. It would be normal to have news of his new destination in the next few hours, and with that, the support market for this offseason would be unlocked. If you ask for my opinion: love moves mountains, and Ming loves Royal Never Give Up.

Sources: HanYi


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