15 de junio de 2024

Letme is back to RNG as Coach

RNG has announced that Letme will be their Coach, returning to the organization where he retired as a toplaner in 2019.

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Today, the transfer period in the League of Legends Pro League has opened, and it has kicked off in a big way. Royal Never Give Up announced in an emotional video the return of Letme to the organization that he was a part of from 2015 until his retirement as a professional player in 2019.

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The former RNG’s toplaner has had a long career with the club, winning the LPL Summer Split 2018 and the MSI of that same year. He was also part of the Chinese roster that secured victory at the Asian Games 2018. Although RNG’s team never quite reached its full potential at Worlds, Letme has always been considered one of the most legendary Chinese players in the history of League of Legends.

His return to Royal could signify many things. While RNG doesn’t explicitly specify Letme’s role in the team in their video presentation, later clarifications have dispelled any doubts – he will comeback as a coach and will not return to active play.

Letme in the official announcement of RNG

The presence of these kinds of personalities in the coaching staff always attracts the attention of players when it comes to signing contracts. However, we know that RNG’s economic situation is fragile, and some of their priorities, such as the return of GALA, have a low probability of happening.

Chinese social media is ablaze with demands for Ming to return to RNG and reminisce about the club’s glory days. We know that Royal firmly refuses to incorporate imports into their roster and has been forming teams exclusively with Chinese players for years. However, bringing back players with such prestige not only requires having money, which they might lack, but also reliability as an organization, something that Royal has cast doubt on in recent seasons.

In any case, it’s always great news to have back a prestigious player who will not only make the league more attractive but will also bring a knowledge of the game and skills that, according to the criticisms of many proplayers in the LPL, most coaches were lacking.

Sources: Royal Never Give Up